Come With Me As We Engage Mother Nature’s Master Class

When Heads Come Together shines a light on the journey to overcome various longstanding scientific mysteries, including the elusive scourge of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), potentially rescuing contact sports, and saving the brains of our warfighters. “Why don’t clever people solve Traumatic Brain Injury?”was the question asked of David Smith MD (“DrDave”) by a member of the 2008 Army Research team. Fifteen years, 40 patents, and 25 journal publications later, Smith has pioneered "SLOSH Theory"™, which explains how Nature’s highly G-tolerant creatures, such as woodpeckers, giraffes,and head-ramming sheep can tolerate, and even thrive, in settings typified by countless head impacts. Moreover, this theory discloses the different means that the Natural World has bestowed on animals to raise the fluid volume of the cranial vault, thereby creating a “tighter fit” around the brain inside the cranium, not unlike bubble wrap, which results in reduced energy absorption from impacts and explosions. Smith’s tagline, Nature Is My Mentor™, says it all.